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Lean Agile Software Development - What to expect

May 11, 2022
5 min

Lean Agile Software Development - What to expect

When was the last time you worked with a software team to deliver you a software product? Did you feel out of the loop and in the dark during the projects process? Were you shocked with any unfortunate surprises? Did the project end up going overtime and over budget? Did the project finish with a result that you didn’t love? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the chances are, the software team you worked with implemented a ‘waterfall’ approach to the project.

The waterfall workflow involves figuring out the steps involved in a project, and then completing them one at a time. Once the list of tasks are completed, the result is then assessed and changes are considered. The problem with this is you can’t consider the changes, until they are all implemented. This workflow also doesn’t allow for the flexibility of adding changes 

What is Agile?

The agile methodology was created to help resolve the issues and frustrations caused by the Waterfall method. Rather than sticking to a rigid plan, Agile allows flexibility and changes as development progresses. 

 Agile was developed especially for software teams. It breaks a project down into segments called 'epics', and then into ‘sprints’. Typically 2 weeks in length, during a sprint the team will focus on a certain amount of tasks or 'user stories' to be completed. At the end, these tasks will be made available to the customer to review. This process significantly reduces the feedback loop so the customer can keep their finger on the pulse. 

What is lean?

Lean practices include minimising waste and producing sustainable development. This includes coming up with an MVP (minimum viable product). And then breaking down further features into tight iterations. This ensures the customer’s investment brings back the highest returns. It also ensures the users of the product are getting exactly what they need and want.

What is Lean Agile Software Development?

Combining Lean and Agile gives the customer the best of both worlds. Their software project is both sustainable as well as flexible. The software team will get feedback faster and the customer will see results sooner. Build. Measure. Learn. Repeat.

What to expect as a client?

As a customer working with a software team implementing a Lean Agile methodology you can expect to have meetings with them at least every 2 weeks. You should be provided access to the software to see and test the features implemented to date. 

How we take it a step further:

We are always looking for ways to provide an even better experience for our clients. That’s why when it comes to project transparency, we overdeliver. Not only do we follow a Lean-Agile methodology, with regular meetings and software access, we also provide access to our Kanban boards. This means we give you a login with 24/7 access to check and view exactly what the software team is working on. Pay as you go, get what you need!

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